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Zingsang nai 10 am thai dong, UN zumpi sungah thu ki ngen ding . Nehemiah 1:11 Daniel 9:18-19
Zeisu min tawh ih gam ih lei ih minam te ading thu ngen ding in kong zawn hi. Ni 3 sung (tuni, zingciang, thai ciang– September 11-13, 2017)

1. US Kumpi pa leh Malaysia Kumpi pa zing ciang 9/12/17 ni ki mu ding hi. Hih US kumpi pa le Malaysia kumpi pa ki muh na tung tawn in Pasian deihna bang bek le, ih minam, ih gam, ei a ding siatna a gel ngei lo Pasian in thu hoih pen, na hong sep nang. Thupha a suah na ding le Pasian deih na bek a tangtung theih nang thu ngen ni.

2. UN zum pi New York ah zing ciang ki pan UN khawm pi ki pan ding . Leitung bup ah gam 195 om hi (Taiwan tawh 196,
hi -in Taiwan pen gam in sim lo uh hi),Tua UN ki pawl na sung ah ki ngawm gam 193 lut uh hi. Hih gam leh makai te tungah khanlawhna leh gup khiat na thu hong tun na ding thungen ni.

  • Zing leh Thai UN Khawmpi ah Aung San Suh Kyi zong va ki hel ding hi, thunget sak ni.Topa ei lam apang aa, ih gam, ih minam, ih makai te Topan mai pha hong piak sak nang.
  • Kawlgam a ding mahmah in lungtang sungkhia in ih omna tek ah Zeisu itna sungah Ih lungsim pum khat in thungen khawm ni.

3. US Kumpi leh Supreme Court, ki thu tuak ki lem nang. Senators leh state 50 makai te leh gammi te tung ah kilemna a om thei nang.

4. Kawlgam bup pan ki pan, ih mi ih sa te. A diak diak in ( အထူးသျဖင့္) Kawlgam mi te kikona aw hong za in Topa aw. Malaysia, India, Thailand a om gambel ka sanggam ka minam te, UN te leh US Kumpi te, Australia Kumpi, Canada, Norway Kumpi leh gam te’n ki thu kim ki pawl in manlang in gambel a om ka mi nam te haksatna, lau huai na pan hon khia a hong sap sak memeng nang.

A diak diak in( အထူးသျဖင့္) Tu lai tak sang naupang, high school, middle school, university sang naupang te a ding thu nget sak ni, sum le paai hak sak na a om loh nang, lai uk ngiat a pil na hong neih nang, pil na tawh u lian pi pi mun
hoih mun sang hong ngah nang uh.

Nong contact nuam uh leh, Nu Khan (918-815-1327)

Topa lenggah huang sung,
Nu Khan


We will be praying in the UN office from 10 AM tomorrow until the day after tomorrow.
Nehemiah 1:11
Daniel 9:18-19
I invite you in Jesus Name to pray for our country, our land, and our people during these 3 days (today, tomorrow, and the day after– September 11-13, 2017)

1. The US President and Malaysian President will meet tomorrow 9/12/17.
That the meeting of the US and Malaysian President would only coincide with God’s will, that the God who never plans evil or harm for us, our people, or country would do what is best. Let’s pray that this would turn into a blessing and
that only God’s will would be done.

2. Starting from tomorrow, the UN will start their meeting in New York. There are 195 countries in the world. If Taiwan is included there are 196 countries in the world, however, Taiwan is not considered an official country. Out of these 195 countries, 193 nations have membership in the UN. Let us pray that revival and the gospel would reach all the
countries and leaders represented.

  • Aung San Suu Kyi will also be attending the UN Meeting tomorrow and the day after; therefore, let us pray for her and that the Lord would stand on our side, that He would give our country, our people, and our leaders favor.
  • Let us all pour out and unify our hearts from wherever we are at in Jesus’ love and pray for Burma.
  • For the US government and Supreme Court to agree and have peace with one another.
    That the their would be harmony and agreement between the senators, leaders from all 50 states, and citizens.

4. From the whole nation of Burma to our people
i. Priority Lord, hear the cry of the Burmese people. That the UN, US government, Australia, Canada, and Norway governments and countries would be in agreement and quickly rescue our brothers and sisters, our people who are in Malaysia, India, and Thailand from hardships and fear

5. Priority
Let us pray for the students, those who are in middle school, high school, and university. That there would not be any financial difficulties, that they would be enthusiastic about their education, for wisdom and knowledge, that they would be high officials in important and high positions.

Contact information:
Nu Khan (918-815-1327)

Yours in His Service,
Nu Khan

Prayer for Jerusalem – Jerusalem ading thungetsakna

Topan ong sawl mah bang in taang thunget na ii neih na te ong piang sak ,ong taangtung sak ii biak Pasian tung ah lungdam ko biakpiak na pia ding leh, Jerusalem leh Israel thu tawh a ki sai na khempeuh ah Pasian kiang pan ,ong pai daih na a om ngiat na ding Taang thunget na ah nang mah mah Pasian in ong deih a hih man in, Zeisu min tawh lungdam ko leh Taang thungen khawm ding in kong sam uh hi.

On Dec. 13-20, we will be having a prayer meeting for the protection of Jerusalem and all the circumstances surrounding the wellbeing of Israel. In the past, when we have prayed and interceded, God has answered us every time, and we want to honor and praise Him for His faithfulness, both past and future. We ask that you join us for this event!

2911 E 78TH ST
TULSA OK 74136-8733

(918) 815-1327
(918) 813- 8288
(918) 852-5384

40 Days of Annual Prayer

Ih biak Pasian in 2010 leh 2011 pen kum sim aa ni 40 an tang thungen White House gei aa Holiday Inn ah ong koih in ah ong siahsuah sak hi. 2012 ciang in White House huang sung ah Pasian min tawh lut theih na ong pia in ah, kei bek ka lut sang ci in Dr. Myin Than te nupa, Rev. Seng Seng leh Khaino zawn in ah White House leitang sung ah thunget theih na Topa’n ong pia hi. Pa, Ta, Khasiangtho a sang kum pi leh, Israel a panpih kumpi ong ngen sak hi. “Na sik na leitang kong pia ding hi” Pasian kammal ah a cih mah bang in ka sik na leitang ah kha khanlawhna ong tung theih nan’g, Pasian thu tawh aa ki vai hawm kik nan’g leh Pasian kiang aa ciah kik nan’g in ong sik sak hi. Tua ong sawl leh a sem Pasian mintang tawntung ta hen!

From 2010 to 2011, the Lord led me to fast and pray for 40 days near the White house in Holiday Inn. In 2012, God gave me an opportunity to stand in the ground of the White house and to pray over it. Instead of going by myself, I invited Dr. Myin Than and his wife, Rev. Seng Seng and Khaino. During that time, the Lord led me to pray for a president that believes in the Father, Son and Holy spirt and supports Israel. Just as God said in His word, “I will give you every place where you set your foot,” God led me to set my foot on this ground for revival to come, for them to start making plans and make decisions that is inlined with the word of God, and for this ground to return to God. I give all the glory and honor to the One who led me and made it happen!